General Questions

+ Can I shoot more than one course?

Yes. But, please make sure you arrive and check in early to allow enough time to complete each course.

+ Do I have to be an experienced shooter?

No. Shooters of all skill levels are welcome.

+ Do I have to participate in the shooting events to get a glass for PYnt Nite?

No. Pint glasses will be available for individual purchase. There will be a limited supply of glasses at each event and will be first come, first served.

+ Are my raffle tickets from the MAF event usuable for the PYnt Nite 2020 Yukon Moose Hunt giveaway? Vice versa?

No. The raffle tickets for the Mountain Archery Fest raffles are completely separate from the raffle tickets purchase for the Pope & Young PYnt Nite 2020 Yukon Moose Hunt Giveaway.

+ Are you looking for volunteers to help at the event?

YES! Please check our Volunteer page.

+ Do I need to check in every day if I purchased a multi-day event pass?

If you purchased a two or three day pass, you only need to check in the first day.

+ Will credit cards be accepted onsite?

Yes. Many, if not all, vendors will be accepting credit cards.

+ Will there be ATMs onsite?

Yes. Each of the venues have ATMs. But, we can't guarantee they'll be close to Vendor Village.

+ Where do I need to go for the PYnt Nite?

The Pope & Young PYnt Nite will be taking place onsite at the events.


Passes, Registration & Fees

+ Do I have to register for all three days?

No, you can register for one, two or three days. Though, there are discounts for registering for more days. See our Pricing for more information.

+ Can I use my 1 or 2 day pass for any day I choose?

When you register, you will be required to select which day(s) you would like to attend the event.

+ Can I register onsite?

Online registration prior to the event is highly recommended as it is the only way you will be guaranteed a tee time. Onsite registration will only be available if openings are still available on the event day. Additionally, if available, prices will increase onsite. See Festival Pricing

+ Oh no! My plans changed... How do I get a refund?

Sorry. All sales are final. If you are no longer able to attend, we suggest finding a friend to transfer your pass to.

+ I'm not able to come anymore. Can I transfer my pass to a friend?

Yes. Please Contact Us to transfer your pass.

+ Are the fees for the competitive or novelty shoots included in any of the event registration fees?

No. Passes for the competitive and novelty shoots are a separate fee. See Festival Pricing for more info.

+ I don't want to come for the entire weekend. Can I share my 2 day or 3 day pass with a friend?

No. Separate attendees must have their own pass.

+ What happens if I lose or break my pass/wristband?

If you lose or break your pass/wristband, please return to check-in to get a replacement. If you bring your broken wristband back to the booth, your replacement is free. If you have lost your wristband completely, you'll be charged a small replacement fee.

+ Can I purchase additional prize raffle tickets or am I limited to the tickets included with early registration?

If you register online at least two weeks prior to the event date, you'll receive two raffle tickets. Additional raffle tickets can not be purchased, but can be earned by competing in Novelty Shoots and by visiting and shopping with vendors in Vendor Village. See our Raffles page for more information.

+ How do I get my pass and event registration packet?

You will check in and receive your event registration packet and pass onsite the morning of your arrival. Event check-in will take place starting at 7am every morning. Please make sure to bring a valid photo ID. Your confirmation number will help speed up the process, but is not required.


What Is Allowed

+ Can I shoot broadheads?

Absolutely NO BROADHEADS. Please check our Festival Rules for more information.

+ Can I use range finders or binoculars?

Yes. Range finders and binoculars are allowed on all courses.

+ Can I bring my dog, cat, pack llama or other pet?

Please check our Festival Rules for information regarding pets onsite.

+ Can I sell my [insert type of stuff I want to sell] in the Vendor Village?

No vending will be allowed without prior authorization from the festival organziers.

Mountain Archery Fest reserves the right, at their discretion, to remove any unathorized vendor, revoke their pass and/or confiscate any product.


Shoots & Competitions

+ Do I have to carry my pack the entire time during the Sprint Race?

Yes. Your pack must be worn or carried as the instructions on the competition page dictate.

+ Do I have to hold on to my bow the entire time during the Sprint Race?

No. You have the option of setting down your bow during the physical tasks.

PRO TIP: Not setting down and picking up your bow between each task will save precious time.