Event Overview

When you come to the BEST mountain archery event in the USA you will soon discover that it is a supportive environment full of great staff and likeminded shooters. Everyone there, regardless of age, gender, or ability are there because they love the outdoors, archery, and want to test themselves on the most unique courses you’ve encountered. Stick around after you shoot for more fun with raffles, Full Draw Film Tour, local bands and more!

Vendor Village

The Vendor Village at each event will include the vendors featuring the latest outdoor products along with national, state and local clubs. Food and beverage vendors will also be available at each location.

Important information

  • Events will take place rain or shine.

  • All sales are final (no refunds).

  • All times are subject to change.


Shooter Passes

  1 Day 2 Day 3 Day
Adult (16+) $55* $85* $115*
Youth (6-15) $55* $85* $115*


  • Non-Shooter 1-Day Lift Pass: $12*

  • Mountain Madness Competition: $50*

  • Train to Hunt Sprint Race: $30*

  • Long Shot Pass (4 Shots): $10**

  • Steel Shot Pass (1 Shot): $5**

  • Carousel Shot Pass (60 Seconds): $10**

* Prices will increase two weeks prior to the event and at the event itself. See below for details.
** Currently only available onsite. Online purchase coming soon. Please stay tuned.

Raffle Tickets

All Adult (16+) registrations completed online at least days prior to the event will receive 1 free raffle ticket.

Don't Wait to Register

Register early to save and get your event t-shirt and raffle tickets! Event t-shirts will become unavailable 30 days prior to the event date and prices for event registration will increase $10 two weeks prior to the event date. All Adult (16+) registrations completed online prior to the event will also receive two free raffle tickets.

Onsite, if available, event registration, non-shooter lift passes, Mountain Madness Competition and Train to Hunt Sprint Race prices will increase an additional $10. Attendees who register onsite will not receive any free raffle tickets with their registration.

Price Increase:


Have Fun! This is a supportive environment full of great staff and likeminded shooters. Everyone, regardless of age, gender, or ability are there because they love the outdoors, archery and have a great Wilderness Attitude. Be helpful and kind.

  • All paid participants are allowed on all courses, including Train to Hunt and Mountain Madness courses except during competition times.

  • Absolutely NO BROADHEADS. If a shooter is caught using broadheads, he/she will be removed from the course immediately without a refund.

  • Range finders and binoculars are allowed for use on all courses.

  • Dogs are allowed onsite, but must be kept on a leash at all times. No dogs are allowed on lifts or courses at any time. Each location has varying rules regarding pets in lodging. Please contact each location to confirm prior to arriving.

  • Please enjoy alcohol responsibly. Over-intoxication can result in removal form the event without refund. No alcohol is allowed on courses.

  • If you have any physical limitations, please let us know at the registration table.

  • Paid children can also have the opportunity to shoot targets with their parents on the Kirsch and Pope & Young courses.

  • We are on both private grounds and public land so please respect the property.

  • Use designated restroom facilities & trash cans.

  • At no time are you allowed to leave the designated course boundaries.

  • Please leave bow cases in the car or hotel room.

  • No unauthorized vending/selling of items or products onsite.

PLEASE NOTE: Mountain Archery Fest reserves the right to remove any individual from the course and revoke their pass without refund if they do not comply with course rules.

Expert Tips

Warm Up

For paid participants, the practice range will be available all day to warm up, dial in your bow or try out new gear.

Water & Snacks

Between the altitude, weather and your physical exertion, you will get dehydrated more quickly than expected. Please make sure to bring plenty of water. It is going to be a long, strenuous day, so make sure that you have enough nutrients in your pack so that you can stay strong all day.


Weather is unpredictable, make sure you check the weather and are prepared.


Make sure your bow is in working condition. There will be a “warm up” area and we’ll have local pro shops that can help you. But, you may want to pack an Allen wrench in your day pack.

Recommended items

  • Sunscreen

  • Hat or Visor

  • Proper Clothing (i.e. Rain Gear)

  • Comfortable Shoes (There Will be Hiking)