The Mountain Madness Competition, taking place on the Initial Ascent Course, will feature 25 Kirsch 3D targets at varied known distances from 3-65 yards (45 yard max for the traditional division). Competitors will have one round to shoot all 25 targets in order to successfully complete the competition.

Final Shoot-off

After all shooters have finished the course and turn in score cards, we will take the top 8 shooters of each division and have a final shoot-off at 6pm*.


Entry Fees

  • Adult (16+): $50**

  • Youth (6-15): $20**

Check-in & Orientation

Participants are required to check in between 7-8am, at which time you will receive your event packet and 3D score cards.

After this, you will attend the mandatory competitor orientation meeting from approximately 8-8:15am* where the event director will welcome you, give you a layout of the day and detail the specifics of the Mountain Madness Competition course. Time will be provided for questions and the event director will make sure that everyone is clear on the competition and scoring.

You will then be assigned a heat and made aware of your starting target. Heats will begin approximately 8:30am*.


  • With the exception of bow speeds, ASA General Rules apply.

  • Range finders and binoculars are allowed.


Open Pro Division

  • Shoot Any Setup

Men’s & Women’s Hunter Division

  • Max 12” Stabilizer

  • Fixed Pins or Moveable Sights

  • MUST be a hunting setup.

Men’s & Women’s Traditional Division

  • Bare Bow: No Pins or Sights

  • No Releases

Youth (Boys’ & Girls’)

  • Max 12” Stabilizer

  • No Scopes


  • 1st Place: 6.7% of Registration Fees ($500 if Event Sells Out)

  • 2nd Place: 2.3% of Registration Fees ($175 if Event Sells Out)

  • 3rd Place: 1% of Registration Fees ($75 if Event Sells Out)

* Times are subject to change.

** Prices will increase the day of the event. Please see our Event Pricing for more information.