Go full send and test your skill at these Mountain Archery Fest Novelty Shoots for chances to win awesome prices and raffle tickets.


Long Shot

4 shots for $10

Set your sights and get ready to watch your arrow fly as you try to hit vitals on a Kirsch Bison at a known distance of over 100 yards*.

You can win

  • 12 Ring: 10 Raffle Tickets

  • 10 Ring: 5 Raffle Tickets

  • 8 Ring: 1 Raffle Ticket

* Distance will vary at each event.

Steel Shot

1 shot for $5

Steel yourself and test your nerves by taking a known distance shot on a steel bear target. Are you steady enough to hit the vital-sized foam window and walk away with 20 raffle tickets or will you end up with nothing but a pile of carbon toothpicks?


  • Pro: 83 Yards

  • Men’s Compound: 63 Yards

  • Women’s Compound: 43 Yards

  • Trad Bow & Kids: 23 Yards

Carousel Shot

60 seconds for $10

Fill your quiver then work to combine strategy, speed and accuracy to hit Kirsch Flying Ducks on a spinning carousel. Let fly as many arrows as you can in 60 seconds and for every one hitting foam you’ll win 5 raffle tickets.