The Train to Hunt Sprint Race consists of two parts, the Challenge Course and the 3D Hunter Course, and will feature a combination of precision shooting and physical tasks designed to raise your heart rate.

Challenge Course Details

The Challenge Course is approximately .25 - .5 miles and consists of five competitors per heat. All competitors will be required to run to the each target lane, shoot an arrow (yardage will vary for compound and traditional) then complete the tasks below for time.

  • 1st Target: Shoot One Arrow & 20 Over-the-Box Step-Ups (20” Box)

  • 2nd Target: Shoot One Arrow & 20 Ground to Overhead Pack Lifts

  • 3rd Target: Shoot One Arrow & 50 Yard Overhead Pack Carry

  • 4th Target: Shoot One Arrow & 10 Pack Get-Ups Over the Log

  • 5th Target: Shoot One Arrow & Run to the Finish

3d Hunter Course Details

The 3D Hunter Course will consist of 20 3D Kirsch foam animal targets.


  • Compounds: 3-60 Yards (30 Yard Average)

  • Traditional: 3-30 Yards (15 Yard Average)

Three shots on the 3D Hunter Course will be marked to shoot without a range finder.

PLEASE NOTE: This is not a Train to Hunt national qualifier and there is no team event.

Entry Fees

  • Adult & Youth: $30**

Check-in & Orientation

Participants are required to check in between 12-1pm*, at which time you will receive your event packet and 3D score cards.

After this, you will attend the mandatory competitor orientation meeting from approximately 1-1:30pm* where the event director will welcome you, give you a layout of the day and detail the specifics of the Mountain Madness Competition course. Time will be provided for questions and the event director will make sure that everyone is clear on the competition and scoring.

You will then be assigned a heat and made aware of your approximate starting time. Competitors will be assigned an assistant/judge to help guide them through the tasks of the Sprint Race and make sure that all competitors are completing the correct number of repetitions of each challenge movement to the correct standard.


  • You must bring your own weighted pack (see division pack weights). Packs will be weighed prior to each heat.

  • Your weighted pack must be worn (or carried, if required for specific competition tasks) at all times.

  • No scopes or magnification of any kind are allowed.

  • Range finders are allowed on both courses for the competition.

  • All arrows must be carried in a bow quiver or your pack (no hip quivers or other devices).



Challenge Course Scoring

  • The Challenge Course will be scored based on your Adjusted Time.

  • Adjusted Time: Run Time + Shooting Penalties

  • Run Time: The time it takes you to get through the Challenge Course from start to finish.

  • Shooting Penalties

    • Heart Shot (10 Ring): No Time Penalty

    • Lung Shot (8 Ring): +30 Seconds

    • Body Shot (Any Foam): +1 Minute

    • Miss: 20 Burpee Penalty (No Addl. Time)

3D Hunter Course Scoring

  • Competitors’ 3D scores will be converted into a time format. (-1 Point = :15 Time Penalty)

  • Shooting Penalties

    • 10 Ring: 5 Points (No Penalty)

    • 8 Ring: 3 Points (:30 Penalty)

    • Any Foam: 1 Point (1:00 Penalty)

    • Miss: 0 Points (1:15 Penalty)

  • EXAMPLE: A total course score of 80 (out of 100 points) would be converted to a time penalty of 5:00. (-20 Points x :15 = 5:00)

Overall Competition Scoring

Competitors will be placed based on their Total Time: Challenge Course Adjusted Time + 3D Hunter Course Time

Weight Divisions

Teen (Ages 13-15)

  • Teen Boy’s Division: 30lbs

  • Teen Girl’s Division: 20lbs

Open (Ages 16-39)

  • Men’s Open Division: 50lbs

  • Women’s Open Division: 30lbs

Masters (Ages 40+)

  • Men’s Masters Division: 40lbs

  • Women’s Masters Division: 20lbs


The top three competitors in each division will receive a Train to Hunt medal and the single top competitor will also receive a Vortex Ranger range finder.

* Times are subject to change.

** Prices will increase the day of the event. Please see our Event Pricing for more information.